Al Ashrafiyah Investments WLL

About Us

Al Ashrafiyah Investments WLL is a dynamic, family owned holding company, specializing in diversified  investments in hospitality, agriculture, manufacturing industry, environment contracting and facility  management

Although our vision is international, we have strong roots in the Kingdom of Bahrain and we firmly  believe that we owe an obligation to the society and community we function in. As responsible  citizens, we remain committed to adding value and sustaining the environment we live in.

Al Ashrafiyah Investments paid capital is U$D 4.5 Million.

Our Vision

We aim to mobilise our proven business expertise and acumen in order to consolidate a reputation as  a responsible investment company, adhering to international standards of excellence and  implementing best-of-class business practices and managementprocedures.

We are committed to maximising the value of our assets and investments through generating  sustained returns and creation of opportunities and thereby enriching the communities in which we  operate.

Al Ashrafiyah Investments Portfolio

Al Ashrafiyah Investment’s business strategy is to identify niche investment opportunities that have the potential to yield  steady and attractive returns in the medium as well as long term.

Contact Us

P.O. Box 5520

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel:  +973 17 21 00 04

Fax: +973 17 21 00 30


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